Mistborn: The Final Empire (Review)

Hi. It’s Madelyn. Book review time! I’ll try to keep it spoiler free. I just finished Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. Madelyn’s sucky plot summary:┬áKelsier is this man wanting to change the Final Empire and overthrow the Lord Ruler. Kelsier a Mistborn, a powerful Allomancer who can use all of the metals (instead […]


Just a quick lil post from me (Sarah) that the three of us are gonna be at the Decatur Book Festival this Saturday if anyone wants to say hi! Lmao idk if any of y’all are close enough, but yeah say hi. Or not. Socializing is hard. *We’re likely to be ten times as awkward […]

Teach em how to say goodbye…

Hey guys, Sarah here with her emotional baggage as usual. Sorry my posts seem really down and shit, but whatever. Just thought I’d share my thoughts today (and it is book-related I promise). I just had to say goodbye to the last of my friends that are leaving for college (I’m still in high school) […]

How far have you gone for Bookstagram?

Hello there! It’s Madelyn and I’m tired! Hi Tired, I’m Inner Voice/Audience. … This June, I started an Instagram devoted to books! It was very fun taking pictures of books and I even did my first book challenge. I even came to love the book community more than the general Instagram community because everyone was […]

Busy, Busy

Hiya, it’s Madelyn! Life update (You can skip to the next paragraph if you aren’t interested in ol’ Madelyn’s life): On Monday, I met my new violin teacher who is going to help me prepare and get through college auditions for the music program! And today, I officially got started with preparing the piano audition […]


Hiya! I’m Madelyn and this is my first blog post here! I’m excited to run this blog with my two bookish friends, Sarah and Gwen. At the moment, hairs are sticking out of my braid and my eyes are burning because I have been setting this blog up all afternoon and trying to figure out […]