Hiya! I’m Madelyn and this is my first blog post here!

I’m excited to run this blog with my two bookish friends, Sarah and Gwen. At the moment, hairs are sticking out of my braid and my eyes are burning because I have been setting this blog up all afternoon and trying to figure out WordPress. It may come easy to others but there were so many buttons and I kept finding new ones and options when I roamed around and clicked on something wrong, haha.

This is my first time blogging and so I think there will be some changes coming up once I get the hang of this. I think on this blog, I will be posting things like book reviews and random book discussions where a certain part of the book just struck me and had me fangirling so I will be sharing my fangirling with you! If you have any suggestions for what I should post in the future, feel free to suggest em! I’m open to new ideas!

Anyways, I love books. I have a bookstagram if you want to check it out (@snorting.books). I’m fairly new there too so don’t expect great book pictures…yet. 🙂

I’m currently reading Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. It is amazing. I love Kelsier and his crew and I also love Vin! I got to the part where Vin met Elend last night and I think I also love Elend. He sounds like he is going to be another one of my many book boyfriends, haha.

But anyways! I think I’ll kind of end it here. I can’t wait to like improve at this and get into another book community!



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