Busy, Busy

Hiya, it’s Madelyn!

Life update (You can skip to the next paragraph if you aren’t interested in ol’ Madelyn’s life): On Monday, I met my new violin teacher who is going to help me prepare and get through college auditions for the music program! And today, I officially got started with preparing the piano audition stuffs and my piano teacher was just so excited to help me. I’m excited for piano but I honestly am worried about violin…

But anyways! Books. This year is a busy year. Well, all of my high school years have been crazy busy but I never felt like busy-busy even with like 3 AP classes piled on top of my high school’s crazy high standards since I go to a magnet school. Madelyn, get to the book stuff.

Got cha.

I have almost no time to read books. I already feel tired after trying to Instagram something for bookstagram and all that is, of course, after school and violin/piano lessons are over with for the day (which usually ends around like 7). But! I magically find some way to squeeze in some reading and I’m so proud of myself because I want to read but I’m busy and then tired but BOOKS.

So I mostly read after I get that homework and music and bookstagram done. After I have dinner (I eat dinners late compared to most people) and shower (all done by like 9:30ish), I read until about 11PM which is kind of bad because I should take that time to sleep but maybe not because Mistborn: The Final Empire (my current read) is darn good. And after I’m done with my morning routine, I sit down and read while waiting for my sister to be finished! So…that is like 3 times. 3 times of glorious reading time!

I’m honestly impressed with people who are way busier and have more responsibilities than me who still can get through books and enjoy them and like not have neglected anything. You guys are very good at time management. I applaud you and I truly respect you. I am a master of wasting time. I think I have more reading time than you guys…so maybe I should be grateful. I am. This is precious time here.

I think that’s it. I’m all ramble-y because I’m tired. Staying up until like 1Am on your phone (when you should be sleeping by midnight) and then getting up around 6:50AM is not a good idea if you want to be fully energized. Ok. I should stop here.


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