How far have you gone for Bookstagram?

Hello there! It’s Madelyn and I’m tired!

Hi Tired, I’m Inner Voice/Audience.

This June, I started an Instagram devoted to books! It was very fun taking pictures of books and I even did my first book challenge. I even came to love the book community more than the general Instagram community because everyone was just so inviting and supportive!

But! To answer the question: How far have you gone for Bookstagram?

I haven’t went as far as some awesome Bookstagrammers yet where I buy like throwing knives for props (Nothing wrong with that. If I had the funds, I’d do the same). But I have went into my neighbor’s yard to take pictures of my book with his flowers because he’s got rose bushes that had roses with bigger blooming flowers than mine! (Don’t worry. He came out and I asked while taking the picture and we’re close buddies so no harm! He’s used to my weirdness.) I also went out into the hot Georgia humid July heated park to look for flowers to take book pictures with. But there weren’t any and I came back smelling gross and I’m pretty sure the families there thought I was a creep. It’s the Skrillex hair, I bet. Not everyone likes it.

Okay. I’m rambling again but I’ll keep that because why not?

I also ripped out pages of Sparks of a Genius by Robert Root-Bernstein for pictures. Yea..I’m so sorry Root-Bernstein but that book was not for me and I knew I wasn’t going to read it again and it got like damaged while I was in California so I can’t give it away or sell it. Gasp, you have harmed a book, Madelyn! 

Haha, joke’s on you conscience, I ripped pages out of two books. I ripped out pages of my calculus book because I was never going to use that baby again. The pages made a nice background stuff for my pictures…I’m a monster.

I’ve also kinda stolen my mom’s flower arrangements for pictures. Sometimes, while transporting the flowers up to the room I use to take pictures in, the flowers would fall apart and I would be left with a mass of petals and naked stems. (It made a perfect picture though.) Yea…when my mom came home, she had to explain to me that those flowers were dying and I am not a plant killer. I am. (My bamboo are dying. I’m watering them, I swear!)

I think that’s just how “far” I went. If I had the funds, I’d totally buy stuff I would not actually use in my daily life for props. You can never have enough. But then again, maybe I should save money and my behind by just keeping it simple. Maybe simplicity is key. Like rice and soy sauce.

I’ll end it here. I’m getting more tired and I’ll just ramble on forever.

How far have you went with your bookstagramming? If you don’t have one, how far have you went with just anything that would have others who just don’t get it to give you strange looks?



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