Mistborn: The Final Empire (Review)

Hi. It’s Madelyn.

Book review time! I’ll try to keep it spoiler free.

I just finished Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.


Madelyn’s sucky plot summary: Kelsier is this man wanting to change the Final Empire and overthrow the Lord Ruler. Kelsier a Mistborn, a powerful Allomancer who can use all of the metals (instead of one like a normal Misting or Allomancer can) which grants Allomancers abilities such as strength and enhanced senses. He meets an orphan girl, Vin, who has powers just like him and takes her under his wing as he gathers his crew of the most cunning underground Allomancers to overthrow the government. In other words, metalbenders (Kinda, but not really. The magic system here is different and crazy cool and complex.) try to overthrow a man who claims himself as God.

Well…let’s just start with the rating. 5/5 stars. Yes. It was like perfect.

I loved this book. It drew me in from the beginning with this very fun and interesting character, Kelsier who is like a super optimistic and an always-smiling nobleman-killing guy. How he’s introduced is just amazing. I loved him from the start.

Then comes the rest of the main characters whom I just love! Their banter was very humorous. And there’s Vin, Kelsier’s daughter-figure and like protégé. She was awesome. I loved her character development from this timid girl who just wanted to hide to like…I’m just going to say pretty darn bad-ass.

And there’s also book-worm Elend! I enjoyed his scenes! I just love how he just appears with a stack of books to read amidst a ball. He would rather read in his little favorite reading spot rather than balling (haha, ok. Partying. Socializing.). I would do same, Elend. I would do the same.

The book is a fantasy and it features a couple of magic systems. Two were mentioned with the main one that most of the main characters had was Allomancy. It was a pretty well-structured system of magic. I thought it was confusing at first but the back of the book had this handy-dandy reference chart. And eventually, I memorized which metals granted which abilities. It was awesome. Can you use another word, Madelyn?

Give me another word. Please. My brain is just frazzled after just finishing this fantastic piece of work.

Plotline! It was phenomenal! It hooked me from the beginning. There was suspense, drama, action! The book broke me at one point and it continued to smash my little heart into pieces by having the other characters sorta analyze or in a way, reflect on the actions, the real intent of that person. It was just…sigh. I may need a few days to recover from this.

But still. The book was beautifully written. I enjoyed it all the way. I need the second book!

Do I recommend?  10 out of 10, would recommend! Slant rhyme! I always thought ten rhymed with -mend. It might be the way I say it…

Anyways, yes. I recommend! If you enjoy a very good fantasy book with a really cool and complex magic system, yes! If you love books with a strong female character, yeah! If you love books with a hilarious male character who happens to like killing people, hell yeah! If you like Brandon Sanderson, go for it, read the book! If you like books, read it!

Ok. Bye. I’m done. I’m going to go and become a Madelyn-burrito (I wrap myself up into my blanket and become a burrito.) and just cry over this book.Can you tell that I love this book to pieces? Enjoy the rest of your day or the start of it or the end of it. The end is the start.

“There’s always another secret.” -Kelsier

(Sarah’s gonna high jacking this post because I might get Madelyn an autograph by Brandon Sanderson, the author of this series, at DragonCon on Saturday.)


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