Pottermore Patronus

Yes. This is Madelyn again. Sorta late night post! Here we go! So the internet or at least bookstagram exploded with everyone posting about Pottermore releasing the patronus quiz like yesterday or earlier than that. I thought why not go and find out my patronus because¬†Harry Potter was my favorite book series in middle school. […]

A List of Fall Books!

Hello! It’s Madelyn! Today is the first day of fall and I’m just so excited! But school right now may be crushing my spirit a little but that’s okay. It’s not the first time. Anyways! I’m going to make a list of books I feel give off fall vibes like monsters, magic, cool air, eerie […]

When (Review)

So I read When by Victoria Laurie last night (well this morning it was past midnight when I finished but that’s not the point). I’m reading it for my book club and finished it in a handful of hours. TBH I only stomached through the whole thing to prove I was right about the killer. […]

Boy Meets Boy (Review)

*Contains minor spoilers* What’s up fuckers (jk love y’all sometimes) this is I think my first review of a book here. You all know me, I’m the rainbow person here that is the specialist on anything LGBTQA+ (go me!) While I haven’t read too many gay books (just characters with the token gay I guess) […]