Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Review)

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Hi! It’s Madelyn and guess what time it is! That’s right! Book Review time!

I don’t know why I feel the most motivated to write these blog posts when I’m extremely tired but I guess I’ll just go with it and it’ll soon become my thing. Forgive me if things get weird.

Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary:  There’s this guy, Greg. He’s a senior and he claims to have not actually befriended anyone at his school but he’s figured out a system that allows him to not be a target of the other cliques hating him by being “casual” friends with everyone. Anyways. He reunites with an old friend, Rachel, who just got diagnosed with cancer when his mom makes him visit her to be her friend and support him. And then Earl gets involved and adds more to the story with his personality. It’s fun.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

This book was weird. Like fun weird. It was hilarious. The way Greg thinks and narrates the whole story is just different and fun. Sometimes in the book, I thought that Earl was a better friend to Rachel than Greg because Greg would feel so defensive all of the time. But I guess that was just his self esteem and how he wanted his movies to be his own thing with Earl and a secret because they both thought it was terrible. But it’s okay. Greg can be Greg. He’s already kind of a weird kid, haha. I’m weird too. But he wasn’t all bad. I said “sometimes”. I think he was fond of being her friend. There is some character development. Maybe just a smidge or I guess his true feelings come out. Maybe that is character development. (I will be able to tell when I feel rested.)

It was certainly interesting reading a book with a guy narrator. I don’t often read many books with guy narrators. I think the other book I’ve read this year where the guy was the sole and primary narrator was It’s Kind of a Funny Story. That was a good book too. I recommend. But the other books had like parts and bits where the guy character would take over for a chapter or for a large part of the chapter.

Ok. Back to the book review.

This was a hilarious book that was pretty short. I think I read it in about two days. It would’ve been one day since I got over halfway with the book on Day 1 but I wanted to sleep and maintain the last bit of sanity I have left because of school. Talk about the book, Madelyn. Enough about you. Thanks for putting this train back on the tracks. (I keep typing and leaving everything because it’s funny looking back and seeing how rambly and stupid I am.)

Ok. Hilarious. Short read. Fun plot. Greg is a weird and interesting narrator. Earl is basically a very street oriented kid (Street smart. Hooligan-like but not really? Streets his domain? Tough?) and he’s got this family situation and I feel he’s a great character to add to the mix of weird Greg and giggly and patient Rachel.Rachel is just this sweet girl who is just so patient with everyone and giggly and she got leukemia her senior year. Greg and Earl hang out with her and cheer her up and the book is just their adventures through Greg’s eyes. And the book as a whole portrays the typical cancer story as not the typical cancer story if that makes sense.

She means it’s different from the cancer stories like The Fault in Our Stars.

Thanks inner voice/conscience/audience in my head.

I don’t think I have anything else to say about this book other than it was great. I laughed and I laughed.

Do I recommend? Yes. If you read The Fault in Our Stars, I recommend. I think you’ll like it more than it. But maybe not if you’re a die-hard John Green fan/Augustus-Hazel fan. I recommend if you want a short and fun contemporary to read.

I think I mentioned in the last post that I don’t often read contemporaries. And it’s true. But I usually enjoy them when I read them because it’s different and in the world we live in so it kind of gives me perspective sometimes like how living in other towns is so different or just the same. Or how one person’s life could affect another. Or just a simple rom-com book. that works too. But yea. I think I read 3 contemporaries this year total and I enjoyed them all. Definitely read this book though. It’s amazingly funny and a different type of cancer story!

“The most beautiful thing about you is that you’re not a sock puppet.” – Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

If that quote doesn’t convince you to read it, then…you should read it because you enjoy laughter…or if you don’t that’s okay too. Read it!




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