Book Festival: Book Haul & Experience

Hi there! It’s Madelyn! And guess what? Yea, I’m writing this while like super tired again. Maybe I’m more entertaining and motivated when I’m like tired. I don’t know. Am I?

So this Saturday and Sunday, I went to a book festival in Decatur, Georgia. It was fun and it was my first time going to a book festival. I went with Sarah on Saturday where we took our time and walked around like the whole thing and talked to people. Well…Sarah talked to people. I just stood there and looked pretty  awkward. On Sunday (today) I went with my cousins and we just tried finding low priced books, haha.

There were a lot of these tents that sold these books for very low prices. Like $7 for hardcover? Yes! And it’s not just like these old raggedy books you’ve never heard of. It’s a wide variety of them. Old books (in mint condition) and like newer books. There were of course tents with books just released and authors there to talk to and sign your books! On Saturday, it was pretty cool so I wasn’t like burning up in the hot heat (the streets were shaded by the giant tall buildings). But Sunday was just hot. I was melting, kinda.


One of the books I bought was Mervidia by J.K. Barber. Isn’t the cover beautiful? I met the authors of this book with Sarah (She did all of the talking. I just stood there again because I am this awkward dazed turtle). They were pretty cool people and the books seemed super interesting. Like mermaids? Heck yeah! I’m pretty sure it was described by Sarah or one of the authors as like Game of Thrones meets mermaids. But I got it and it’s starting off pretty darn great!


I picked up Graceling by Kristin Cashore in a book store in the middle of the book festival called “Little Shop of Stories”. It was a cute book store. If I remember correctly and it wasn’t my tired half-asleep brain typing this, they had little notes on colored paper taped to their bookshelves with cute comments about the books and the book life or quotes. I was too frazzled and excited to actually calm down and read them or this was all a dream because I am lacking a lot of sleep right now, I am so sorry. But really, it was a nice little book store. And the book sounded awesome. Like a girl that has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was eight? Yes!

Gone Girl

My cousin convinced me to pick up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn today (Sunday) while we were at one of the book tents. It was $7! Pretty sweet. It sounds interesting so I hope I will get to it soon!

The warrior heir

I picked up The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima the same day and place as Gone Girl. I thought it sounded fantastic.Magic. Wizards. Sounds like there’s violence. Fun plot. Yes. And my cousins are bigger book worms than I am, they were like, “this author is bomb. Have you read her other book series?” Nooo. I just discovered her. I read a little bit of it on the way home since my stinky cousin was driving (He’s not actually stinky. I can come up with better insults, I swear.).

This book festival helped me discover new books that I have never heard of and let me buy pretty cheap books because I was kind of getting broke. But now I have money to afford A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir- and that reminds me! I saw Sabaa Tahir at the festival and I was like I wanna go get her book and meet her! But then, the line was pretty long and it was hot outside since the festival took place outside in the hot Georgia weather. Oh well.

Finish up the list of books you’re going to buy!

Thanks. There was also Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I think that was it for the fall season. I know I really want King’s Cage and the third ACOTAR book when it comes out.

Sooo I guess to wrap everything up, the book festival was fun. I had fun with Sarah and my cousins. I left my stuff with Sarah because I shoved my stuff in her tote bag…But anyways. It opened my eyes to other books and I’m pretty happy with the books I got. It was a great experience and I have a sandal tan (an even worse one) now. It’s a big lighter ‘X’ because my foot got tan.

Now that I’m looking at the books I’ve been reading and have picked up recently, I really like books with violence and assassins. A sprinkle of magic is great too. Okay. Sleep time. I really need it.

Have you guys been to a book festival or something similar? What kind of books do you like to read?


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