I Picked Up Empire of Storms! (No spoilers, I promise!)

Greetings, it’s Madelyn!

I picked up Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas and A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir on Tuesday! But the focus is on Empire of Storms, I’ll make a different post about my problem of continuously buying books until my purse cries later.

I got the Target exclusive which includes a poster and a exclusive short story in the back which I went ahead and read because I just had to. And quick question because I am a tad confused: was the poster the pretty art on the backside of the book jacket? I thought it was going to be a separate component that I can hang on my wall without leaving my book naked. Did I just screw up majorly and left Target without the real poster? If I didn’t, that’s cool. I can admire the artwork as I read this book because I take the book jackets off when I read.

That was like two questions, not one.

Sshhh, sassy inner voice/audience.

So! I started reading like the first few pages that day on Tuesday and I couldn’t handle it. It was too much. I. Just. Was. So. Excited. I only read one chapter that day after the little prologue at the beginning.

Buuut I got more reading done today and I am melting. It’s just so perfect. I already hate characters more and hate some new ones. And there’s just madness and oh my god.

I am so sorry. This is a fangirling session…I’m actually not so sleep deprived this time, by the way.

I’m only 100 pages in at the moment and it’s fantastic (I am in high demand in my house. Right when I have Me-Time it’s “MAADDEELLYNNN. I NEED HELP.”). I love this book. Things are already happening and I wasn’t ready. I thought my body was ready but I was wrong. I can tell that this book will break me and I will be stuck in a bad book hangover in the middle of the school year. Goodbye GPA!

I’m going to do more reading tonight and jack up my sleeping schedule that I just fixed. For the glory!

Did you get Empire of Storms yet? Are you enjoying it so far? Or, if you’ve already finished it, how’d you like it?


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