Boy Meets Boy (Review)

*Contains minor spoilers*

What’s up fuckers (jk love y’all sometimes) this is I think my first review of a book here. You all know me, I’m the rainbow person here that is the specialist on anything LGBTQA+ (go me!)

While I haven’t read too many gay books (just characters with the token gay I guess) I feel I’m just more critical of them in that a lot of them can contain cliches (which are really hard to avoid so I understand and do take that into account). Enough rambling it’s review time. 

Rating: 3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s a very easy read, and a short book that you could finish in like an hour if you just wanna chill out and not get too deep into something. It’s fluffy, cheesy, and I mean it’s not terrible. But if you’re looking for something super deep and profound, I wouldn’t reach for this book (I know some people will disagree, but this is my review so lay off and do your own). 

(Bad) Sarah Summary: A boy still reeling from his last relationship develops and interest in a new boy, while having to deal with his ex, his best friend drifting apart because of her new boyfriend, and just general high school drama and being gay on top of it. 

Nitpick stuff that might not matter to some people: I couldn’t stand Joni at all after what she did. She completely ditches her best friend and acts like a different person after she gets a new boyfriend (who is an ass). I’ve been the best friend before and it’s utterly awful. Just don’t okay don’t do that to anyone. 

And the boyfriend is literally T R A S H. Like bitch, you need to CUT him. He’s transphobic because he got rejected by Infinite Darlene (who isn’t perfect but WHO IS). And Joni still went out with his ass smh like girl no. 

I did like however, that they sort of explained the other side of being religiously homophobic (I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s important to see every point of view.) Todd is closeted because his parents are extremely religious. But he tells Paul that his parents don’t mean anything bad, but they literally think he’s gonna go to hell for being gay, and they don’t want him to suffer or whatever. I don’t think it’s right to think that way, but it shows that maybe the phobia doesn’t always come from hate or disgust. Just a thought. 

Tbh I was totally shipping him and Kyle js. 

Kyle is an interesting character. I don’t think he’s a popular one, but he might be the REALEST. What I mean by that is that he actively struggles with his sexuality, doesn’t like labels, and had no other reason for his actions other than he didn’t know what to do and was scared. I didn’t like half of what he did, but I could see where he was coming from. It was refreshing to see a bisexual character, as most characters are just fitted into the gay-straight duo, which isn’t true at all. Bisexuals and biromantics can lean one way or another, and that’s okay. They made it seem okay. 

I was really excited to get into David Levithan, who is THE author to go to for gay books I feel. And while I know my expectations were high, I just feel bad for feeling underwhelmed by this book. I’m sure he’s a great person though. 

So yeah, to recap, it’s not a terrible book, but not something that’s gonna change your life (maybe that’s just me). Comment some more books you want me to look at, and thanks for reading this pretty rubbish review. 


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