I May Have a Problem (Too Many Books)

Howdy! It’s Madelyn!

So I may have a problem…besides basically only writing blog posts when I am sleep deprived because I think it’s more amusing for people to read.

I keep buying books when I already have a huge pile of books to be read at home! (Sarah does the same thing. Haha, calling her out, whoopsies.)

On the weekend of the book festival, I bought four books total for these great prices. Then on Tuesday, Empire of Storms  by Sarah J. Maas released and I had to have it. But guess what also restocked at Target? A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. I brought those two babies home with me.

That afternoon, when I was rearranging my (very) messy bookshelf, I realized I had soooo many books I had to read and I was running out of room. (I put some old manga I never really liked in a pile to give away to Goodwill.)

Besides those six books, I have Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare to read! That is a book I feel will continuously be pushed down the TBR pile. I am so sorry (my love). These books keep coming out at me.

Also! The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson finally arrived to my library! I put it on hold immediately after finishing Mistborn: The Final Empire because I just needed to continue the amazing mind-blowing story!

So right now, I am swimming in books.

Oh, and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo is coming out September 27th…Guess what I’m going to be doing that day when it comes out? If you guessed that I was going to Target to grab the Target exclusive with the poster then you are very correct!

So potentially drowning in my TBR pile that I have with me. And I can just hear my monies crying because they will soon part with me. Sorry mis amoures.

This is like seven books that have not been read yet on my hands. I’m sure there are people with more…right? Embrace it! Embrace how you have no self control when you pass the book aisle or you pass the Barnes & Nobles one day from taking a detour!

Ok. I’ll sleep now. Good talk. (I’m actually going to read Empire of Storms.)

Are you swimming in a huge pile of your books? Do you constantly buy books even though your bookshelves are packed and you have a huge TBR pile at home already?


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