Listening to Music While Reading?

Hello internet! Madelyn here.

I don’t know how to start this…I got enough sleep and I also took a nap but I feel more tired than when I’m lacking sleep. Does that make sense?


I sometimes listen to music when I read. It depends on my mood and whether I’m able to focus with the music on. And sometimes, I pause the music because there’s something crazy going on in the book.

But yea, I have this sort of wide range of music I listen to regularly. And reading with music in the background is fun…when I can focus.

So I’m going to share a little playlist I’ve been listening to with the past few books I’ve read. I believe those were Mistborn: The Final Empire, The Wrath and the Dawn, This is What Happy Looks Like, and I believe there are some songs I just loved listening to while reading Angelfall (Badass book with badass characters. Check it out!)

I’ll try to list which books had scenes or themes that fit the songs well and I was listening to the song while reading it like “Yes! It works so well!”.


Alessia Cara- Scars to Your Beautiful

Alessia Cara – Wild Things

OneRepublic- Wherever I Go (I got Six of Crows vibes from this. Am I the only one?)

OneRepublic- Kids

The Word Alive – Made This Way (This is metalcore. Just a warning if you really can’t stand this sort of genre.)

The Word Alive – Dark Matter (Chorus sounds mega cool.) (Empire of Storms, Mistborn, and Angelfall.)

Crown the Empire – Machines (I think I listened to this one a lot with Mistborn: The Final Empire.)

Crown the Empire – Cross Our Bones

Brahms – Violin Concerto in D major, Op 77 (Like 40 mins long! Lasts for a few chapters and is a good mood setter, haha. And Janine Jansen is my favorite violinist, fun fact.)

Handel-Halvorsen – Passacaglia for Violin and Viola (Shorter piece. But pretty intense.)

Tove Lo, Seeb – Moments (Seeb Remix)

Coldplay – Hymn for the Weekend (Seeb Remix)

gnash – i hate u, i love u (The Wrath and the Dawn, I listened to this a lot. I don’t think the song fits exactly but I just liked listening to it while reading TWATD.)

Fences – Arrows (ft. Macklemore)

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis – Otherside (ft. Fences)

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

2Cellos – Coldplay: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (This was just amusing to listen to while reading. I have no idea why I prefer a cello cover over the original but my brain is weird.)

Joe Hisaishi – One Summer’s Day

This short playlist looks pretty random. It is, I admit. This is a compilation of all the music I listened to recently with the most recent books I’ve read. I didn’t listen to all of this for one book, I don’t think. And this is like the songs I listen to most on the much longer playlist, haha. This was fun. I think I’ll so this again.

Do you listen to music while reading? Does any of these songs remind you of a certain part of a book? What are some songs you listen to while reading?

There are a lot of questions, oh my. Bye!


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