A List of Fall Books!

Hello! It’s Madelyn!

Today is the first day of fall and I’m just so excited! But school right now may be crushing my spirit a little but that’s okay. It’s not the first time.

Anyways! I’m going to make a list of books I feel give off fall vibes like monsters, magic, cool air, eerie suspenseful feelings. Stuff like that or just something I just thought “Yea, that’s a book that says ‘Fall Book’ all over it.” And this is not ranked in any order. It’s just a numbered list. I have a feeling this is going to be super long. I’ll try to make it short if I become aware of that.

1. Harry Potter  by J.K. Rowling


Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary (MSPS): Harry Potter is a young boy who lost his parents and lives under the stairs in his aunt’s home. He’s mistreated in that family and one day, he gets a letter from a mysterious wizarding school called Hogwarts. Surprise! He’s a wizard! And he makes some fun friends and they go through dangerous adventures together and that is only the very tip of the ice berg.

I feel that this is a fall book because it’s got the magic and the kind of eerie feelings while reading because it’s got monsters and there’s darkness. I’m sorry, when I think of fall, I think of October mostly with Halloween. But moving on!

2. The Young Elites  by Marie Lu

Image result for the young elites

MSPS: Adelina is a girl who survived this blood fever that swept her nation. She’s left with silver hair and a big scar on her face where her left eye was because of the fever. She’s one of the survivors of the fever and people believe that they are given powers and they’re called the Young Elites. Basically, she tries to learn how to use her powers and fight enemies…I didn’t read too much of this book.

I didn’t finish but I got the fall vibes from it. There was the scary thunderstorm or rain at the beginning and I feel like there is a lot of darkness in this book. There’s people with magic! And we have the anti-hero which is lovely to have.

3. The Raven Boys  by Maggie Stiefvater


MSPS: Blue comes from a family of psychics but she doesn’t possess psychic abilities of her own. She strengthens their abilities instead. But anyways, she usually stands with her mom to watch the soon-to-be dead people walk past and she doesn’t usually see the people. But this year she does and she meets a boy named Gansey. She’s told that if a non-seer can see a spirit then they either are their true love or they kill them. And then they eventually meet (like she meets the real him in person, not his spirit) and, along with Gansey’s friends, they go on an thrilling adventure dealing with ley lines and psychic magic. This summary sucks so bad, I’m so sorry. It’s a great book.

This has the fall vibes of the kind of creepy paranormal-ness. I saw it coming but it kind of gave me the chills once they confirmed it. Yea. There is also some suspense and a kind of character I thought was ridiculously creepy and suspicious from the beginning. But wow. This book was great. It was thrilling and it gave me chills at times. And no, this isn’t a like horror story. It’s a fun yet thrilling story about four rich guys who befriend a quirky not-really psychic. Dang it. That’s a better summary in one sentence there.

4. The Mortal Instruments  by Cassandra Clare

Image result for the mortal instruments city of bones book

MSPS: Clary is supposedly a normal girl living in New York. But then she witnesses a murder by these three people covered in awesome tattoos and they were wielding weird weapons. But no one but she could see them. Strange. Those people were Shadowhunters, people who basically protect the humans or mundanes from demons…by killing them with mad skills. Then Clary gets attacked by a demon and is saved by a Shadowhunter named Jace and then she finds out she’s not as normal as she thought she was.

I remember reading this during the fall in 9th grade and it was awesome. It started my whole obsession with Cassandra Clare books. This books has monsters and demons and vampires and more magical creatures you can think of. It’s thrilling and it’s got great adventure. I think this gave off the fall vibes because of the magic and monsters and it just felt kind of creepy and icky with the demons crawling around. I think they mentioned it was chilly too. Not sure. I’m up to like book five now. I’m suffering from that thing where I’m not sure what happened exactly in which book because I read this series way too fast (and then stopped because school).

5. Six of Crows  and Crooked Kingdom  by Leigh Bardugo

Image result for six of crowsImage result for crooked kingdom

MSPS: Kaz is a 17 year old criminal prodigy that is given this awesome chance to obtain this large sum of money if he pulls off this huge heist that is potentially life threatening. So obviously he can’t do it alone. What does he do? Recruit like five other 17 year old criminals with their own special talents.

Crooked Kingdom is coming out on September 27, 2016 so look out for it! Anyways, this book is great. It’s sorta like Now You See Me if you’ve seen the movie. But the book has more embellishments. It got some pretty cool magic. It’s in the same world as the Grisha Trilogy so the magic system is the same. The book is thrilling and just fun to read! Kaz’s plans are just so well thought out I’m just sitting there stunned all the time. I listed this book because well, they were released in the fall from what I know and there’s fun suspense in this book. Not much creepy spine-chilling stuff but it’s a great read by the fire. That’s it. Cool weather calls for the fireplace to be lit.

6. Angelfall by Susan Ee


MSPS: There’s this angel apocalypse where angels descend and destroy the world. So the modern world is flipped with street gangs basically ruling all of the streets. Penryn is a teenage girl just trying to survive with her mentally insane mother and her disabled little sister. But warrior angels fly off with Penryn’s sister and she is left without her mother. She only has a wingless warrior angel named Raffe whom she has to work with to try to get her sister back from an angel stronghold where she could potentially die like three times.

Penryn is a badie. She is awesome and super strong. Anyways, this book gave me the chills. Especially the ending. I just felt like I got shot with some barb in my neck. Oh my god, it was just crazy. But throughout the book, it’s got the suspense and the thrills and the eeriness because you don’t know what’s out in the streets of the broken world. The angels are super dangerous and I was just on the edge of my seat as they were trying to get to the stronghold to find Penryn’s sister. It’s pretty dark but there is some lovely banter between Penryn and Raffe to kinda lighten the mood.

So that’s the list. Happy Fall Season. I probably sucked at this because I just felt that these were fall vibey books because I thought of Halloween chilling feelings instead of fall as a whole…but oh well. Are there any books that you think give off the fall vibes?


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