Pottermore Patronus

Yes. This is Madelyn again. Sorta late night post! Here we go!

So the internet or at least bookstagram exploded with everyone posting about Pottermore releasing the patronus quiz like yesterday or earlier than that. I thought why not go and find out my patronus because Harry Potter was my favorite book series in middle school.

My result? A West Highland Terrier. I cracked up. I got a little doggie as my patronus. At first, I was like “I want something cooler.” but I get a cute doggie. I was hoping for something like a crow or some water animal honestly, but I get a cute doggie. (I actually prefer cats.) But it’s been like a day so I’ve accepted that I got a cute little West Highland Terrier as my patronus.

I went along and took other quizzes on Pottermore because I was interested and I had nothing else to do on Friday night (Why would I?) and I just joined Pottermore.

My Hogwarts House: Slytherin. I had an identity crisis. I lived all these years thinking I was a Hufflepuff. I was just aghast. I was really a Slytherin! But then I read the traits of a Slytherin: cunning, resourceful, ambitious, shrewd, and determined. Hold up! I am not really determined. My mind is always open so once I make a decision, it’s like a soft decision that’s open for suggestions and I’ll be like “Cool! Let’s go!” if it sounds neat. (Unless it’s important stuff. That’s where I draw the line. I will not change my decision to be a demon ruling over my underworld. Haha, just kidding.). I’m a wandering soul in this big, big world. Man, I sound like I’m a ghost. I could totally be one of the ghosts that hang out in Hogwarts and mess with the kiddies.

I moved onto the Ilvermorny House sorting: Horned Serpent. “Favors scholars”, I’m guessing means usually people in there are like intellectuals. I am in no way a scholar, haha. I just snorted. It’s suggesting that I’m smart. I don’t know. I don’t know much about Ilvermorny’s traits. Feel free to edumacate me.

Here’s the part that just cracked me up a lot: my wand. I got a Laurel wood with a phoenix feather core, 11” in length, and solid flexibility.

“The laurel wand seems unable to tolerate laziness in a possessor…” (Pottermore) I am really lazy. Like very lazy. The laurel wands are also fickle. I can be pretty fickle. Fickle vs. fickle.

“They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord…” (Pottermore). Oh come on! I like acting on my own and I’m impulsive most of the time too! I just might be fighting this wand. These types of wands are also hard to win over. I really might be fighting this wand if I was in the Harry Potter world. Can you imagine? The students are all doing their thing and I’m on the side fighting my wand to work with me. I feel like my wand is like “Fight me, bro!” But the thing is, I’m constantly like “Fight me, bro!!”

I just laughed for the longest time imagining the events of Harry Potter take place with me trying to win over my wand and trying to get it to work for me in the back. Oh my god. I am  a mess. I consulted Sarah about this and she said “You guys are made for each other.” I guess we are, but we will be the craziest team. I keep imagining myself in the HP world. It’s just too funny to me. I could be in a dangerous situation and I’ll say something like “Hold up!” And the villain is like “What?” And I’ll be like “Sidebar.” and then the villain will be like “Sure. Go ahead. 2 minutes.” and then I’ll like fight with my wand to work so we can get out of this alive.

Ok. Bed time for me. What was your patronus? Did you have an identity crisis with your house sorting when you got sorted? Did you have any interesting results with any Pottermore stuff? Is this too many questions?

Yes, shut up,  Madelyn and sleep. You have church in the morning, you demon. 

That was my inner mind voice that is horribly rude and I actually talk to myself sometimes. This is dragging on too long. Bye!


2 thoughts on “Pottermore Patronus

  1. Oh my god the thing with your wand!! hahaha, I can just imagine you now fighting your own wand!! I love how you described getting your Patronus and how you feel about it. Most people didn’t like theirs and knowing someone does is great. 😀


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