Empire of Storms (Review)

Good day or evening or afternoon guys! Madelyn is here with a review.

I literally finished Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas like ten minutes ago so here we go! And I think there may be like minor spoilers if you catch onto what I imply with my words. I’ll try my best to keep it from spoiling the book like major things. Any spoilers are very unintentional…because I suck at this.

Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: It continues with the story of Aelin and her court after Queen of Shadows. But complications come with her trying to get her throne back in Terrasen. And she has to fight Erawan, the big and bad demon king who threatens to basically take over the world and destroy it in the process. And there’s also Maeve who wants to join the big impending doom war. So how will Aelin save the world?

Rating: 5/5 Stars

It was perfect in my eyes. Sarah J. Maas was right. I would hate her when the book ended…because I need the next one like right now because it was so intense throughout. The ending was just…It makes you want the next book desperately.

The plot was intense and so many things were revealed that I was screaming. Beautifully written!

Characters develop even more! Character development is nice. And I even got a new ship because of that little bit of character development in the characters. It was a beautiful and precious new ship. But then…mm. Sigh. We’ll see next book. I’m still shipping though!

Okay. Kinda beware of spoilers down here. I might accidentally just type out a thought and not realize it’s there and that it’s a spoiler. Or just don’t read into what I’m saying much. I’m just a person who likes to joke a lot.

I feel so bad for Aelin. And I’m kinda mad at Elena for doing that but I guess it was okay since people make mistakes, am I right? You know, like mistakes that cause TOTAL DOOM.

Rowan and Aelin! Yes! But I was crying because plot! This book definitely puts you on a crazy emotional roller coaster. I was also crying because I was so amused at how Aelin can just plan so far ahead. She’s good. I can’t even plan for the next day really. And her abilities are like bomb. She’s already badass but the level increased. They’re like major fire. Like hot fire. Use your words, kiddo.

Her court was amazing as well. Lysandra is like a total boss. Like MVP! She becomes way more awesome and I love it. You get some more book time with Elide and it’s more entertaining because it’s her little adventure to go find Celaena. I’m really holding myself back with this review, haha. Aedion is precious still!

10/10 would recommend (slant rhyme!): Why wouldn’t you continue this awesome book series? It gets crazier and crazier. I think that’s all I can say really. Writing this review was pretty hard to not spoil stuff. Maybe it’s because it’s like the latest book in the six book series and also because it was jam-packed with action and plot points and plot twists and revelations. I’m going to have a book hangover. Good thing I have that math test tomorrow. Godspeed, girl. Godspeed.

Did you read Empire of Storms yet? Did you enjoy it?

I’m putting some quotes that made me tear up because SJM knows how to make you feel the feels real good.

“I will always find you…I promise.”

“I wanted to go to Perranth with you”

“Will you come with me, so I will not be alone?”



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