Falling Kingdoms Books 2-4 (Review)

Okay! Madelyn’s here! I’m going to review Falling Kingdoms Books 2-4 by Morgan Rhodes. That would be Rebel Spring, Gathering Darkness, and Frozen Tides. I was binge reading this past week to the point where Sarah told me that I have a problem and I might.

And there will be minor spoilers or major spoilers depending on where you are in the series. Just a warning.

Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: This continues on from the first book. Lucia is a powerful sorceress and struggles to deal with her powers and who she can trust. Magnus and Cleo are still fighting but falling in love at the same time. Cleo still wants her kingdom back. Jonas is still a rebel who is still failing but he’s trying his best to save his own kingdom, Paelsia.  Then they tack on some new characters such as Princess Amara and Prince Ashur who are from the country across the sea called Kraeshia and they’re here for the kindred. Things heat up when our main characters get their hands on one of the four. So Amara ends up with one, Cleo has one, King Gaius has one, and Lucia has one. Then Amara retreats to her home to stir some trouble there and becomes the Empress and then she plans to get Mythica which is where our main characters reside.

Rating: 5/5 Stars (Yep, for every book I talk about in this review. It got really good.)

I feel like this series got crazier and crazier as it went on. Things escalated and it turned into a big scary war brewing again. Characters all developed into what they are and some of them were scary or annoying. The plot definitely thickened with the introduction of Amara and Ashur.

And speaking of Amara. I thought Gaius was pretty cruel but I started hating her more than Gaius. She’s evviiillll. She’s quite the angry raging feminist though.

“Why did men always find it necessary to comment on whether or not a woman’s exterior pleased them? She knew she was beautiful. No need to constantly restate it, as if doing so would earn one points in a game.”

But anyways. I loved the plot line. It really kept me reading. I could not put these babies down. Which was great because I bought myself these books for Christmas and then my cousin brought me out to Barnes & Nobles which had me sitting there debating whether or not to buy Crystal Storm (I did buy it and I’m reading it now).

The twists and turns continued with this book series. I was pretty much surprised when something was revealed to actually be this way instead of what everyone was believing and saying for a good chunk. Then the end of Frozen Tides came and I was like “holy cow.” and I had a cow and flipped out at 4AM. My sister wasn’t amused when I burst into her room to talk about it…

Right-o. Referring to my review of the first book where I talked about Lucia being a soft and kind of weak character. Man. She changed. A lot. Like 180 degrees. She grew in power but her attitude was horrid. She became very paranoid and just hurt everyone around her. I was glad that she realized it was kind of a problem by the end of Frozen Tides.

Magnus and Cleo. I ship them so much. They are so adorable. Magneo forever! I was crying because they finally Magneo-ed in the latest book I finished.

“In the shadow my father has cast over my entire life, you are the only light I can see anymore. And, whatever the cost, I refuse to let that light be extinguished”

Magnus is still very sassy and I love it. His conflict with whose side he was on was a great point in the plot.

“But you should remember that charm opens far more doors than harsh words do.” “And a sharp ax will open every door.”

I kept thinking that this book has characters or character elements similar to Avatar: the Last Airbender. Lucia is essentially the avatar since she’s the master of all four elements. Then we have our Magnus who is like Zuko since they are have this inner conflict. And they both also worked to try to be accepted by their cruel father. They even have some type of scar marring their features but it’s on the different side of the face if I remember correctly.

Oh and I forgot to mention Felix. He is an assassin who is introduced in Gathering Darkness, I believe. He is a funny character. I love him. He’s always having some sort of light-hearted fun. Then the book escalated and poor Felix needed some real happiness.

These books were very good. I was pretty mad at some of the good guy characters then they redeemed themselves most of the time. Except Lysandra. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of her. She hated all royals just because they were royal. But okay. And she was also very antsy and angry about everything and wanting to counter everyone on anything.

I don’t want to make this trash-fire of a review any longer than it has to be. These books were amazing. There are plot-twists and then things to undo the plot-twists. No kidding. The characters are like “I’m your mom.” then the next book they’re like “Haha, just kidding. I said that to distract you like how a magician distracts the audience with hand gestures and pretty assistants.”

Ok. They don’t really say that but you get the point. Sorta. I’m rambly.

Just read these books. They’re great. If you did read these books, do you agree with me?

“Sometimes, to regain sanity, one had to acknowledge and embrace the madness.”

“Love is stronger than anger. Love is stronger then hate-stronger than anything. Remember that.”



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