Crystal Storm (Review)

Hiya! Madelyn here with a quick and trash-fire review.

Man, I have been reading Crystal Storm by: Morgan Rhodes forever. But I finished last night and I enjoyed it, of course!

Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: It continues off from Frozen Tides where Amara is still the Empress and she is currently occupying Mythica with her water Kindred in hand. Cleo reluctantly sort of allies with Gaius to go find his mother with Magnus to track down Lucia. And meanwhile, Lucia is trying to fix herself while carrying Alexius’s child.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This book was great. (That cliffhanger upset me greatly, though) I enjoyed the plot but I thought the big fight and confrontation with Amara would happen in this book but that didn’t exactly happen because there was yet another twist. The book really heated up at the end when the Storm finally rolled in and the ending was such a cliff hanger. Ugh! I’m ready for the next book.

The writing was very good throughout the book. It didn’t really strike me in any way, emotionally, but it was good. I like how Rhodes made all of her characters so sassy. Like Timotheus and Magnus. I feel that Magnus was just extra sassy in this book.

Amara was still the insecure girl who was also the raging feminist. I kind of wanted her to chill at times because she was taking things people were saying the wrong way. But then again, I get her fury and her need to establish dominance since she comes from a horrid society where women are viewed as practically useless.

I feel like Rhodes really enjoyed messing with Nic’s life. He kept going and coming back and I was like “Plot twist. Niccolo Cassian is eternal. And so are Ashur and Nic.”

I was glad for Lucia on realizing her mistakes. She morphed again. I love her chemistry with our favorite rebel, Jonas. I low-key ship them even though they’re like just becoming friends but you know, anything can happen in a fangirl’s fantasy world. I love how she found out who her real family was but she didn’t feel any longing to be with them and knew that a certain icy black castle was her real home.

I had a lot of Magneo feels. They were cute as usual, but then the upset Magneo feels of heartbreak came in. Then there was a sliver of hope near the end for them so I’m glad Rhodes allowed for that to happen. I don’t think I would be able to take it if lovers are separated because of Sarah J. Maas.

But. That. Cliffhanger.

I feel like every series I’ve read recently ended on a really crazy and upsetting cliffhanger. But that’s good. I want more. I want to feast upon the next great book. This book was really great. It made me forget that I had school to worry about sometimes. Which is lovely.



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