World After (Review)

I’ve been sort of binge reading over spring break which is great. Spring break basically ends today and I’m glad I could get like 3 books finished over this one week.

So today I finished World After by Susan Ee. It felt kind of weird going to church and seeing angel statues and all when you know what they’re up to. At least you know what Uriel is up to, haha.

There will be spoilers because I can’t help myself. With this book, I gotta. So much craziness in there that I have to let it out. Beware! (the Ides of March)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: The book takes place after the events of Angelfall where Penryn is on the truck that is a part of the Resistance and she’s being taken back to one of their new camps with her mom and her found sister, Paige, who looks kind of like a monster. She was paralyzed from the scorpion monster things but it wore off and she came back “alive” which freaks out everyone. But basically the apocalypse with the angel is still going on with the angel politics of Uriel wanting to be the new Messenger over Raffe. And Raffe still has the demon wings from Belial. And Penryn is trying to save her family and keep them safe but nope. Paige runs off and disappears so Penryn tries to go after her with her mom and a new ally.

This book did not have any chill or slow happy moment. I mean, what was I expecting with an apocalypse book but usually there would be some comedic relief. But it was freaky like all the demons from Susan Ee’s mind coming out into word form on paper. I loved it.

There was some chill with the banter between Raffe and Penryn though. I love them together so much. They are just perfect. I love how when they reunite, Penryn recognizes Raffe from how arrogant he looks and Raffe really confirms her identity when she smashed her high heel into the face of an angel and then stabs a man’s crotch with a knife.

When he looks at me, it’s the look of someone noticing a person for the first time, proving yet again that an angel’s arrogance knows no bounds. Which, now that I think about it, increases the likelihood that this is Raffe. (Penryn)

Penryn is still badass. I love how she’s so petite and skinny but she turns that into a sort of advantage. She is right there so when dealing with male opponents she just stabs that part because she needs to go. There isn’t any time for her to be fighting someone’s strengths. She has a lot of wisdom in fighting, haha.

Why bother attacking their strengths when you can go straight for their weaknesses? (Penryn)

And Raffe was as sarcastic as ever. I love how he always teases her. There wasn’t a lot of him in the book but there were flashbacks and they just broke my heart. Like he is so in love with Penryn but he can’t be but he is. It just hurts.

Holding the ends together, he steps over to the sword that lies on the counter and wraps the [hair] strand around the sword’s grip.

“Stop complaining,” he says to the sword. “It’s for luck.”

I feel that human morals were tested a lot in this book. Penryn encountered a lot of people and when given the chance to save people or if they were asked if they were free, they’d rather serve the angels terrorizing the humans rather than be on the streets. They’d get their three meals a day and the angels wouldn’t try to kill them. But she noted that one man didn’t say he was free despite the benefits of working against your own. There were humans that abandoned their own because of their fears too which breaks my heart. The book was quite scary because that would actually happen if society was falling apart. Survival of the fittest.

It’s not everyone but there will be those people who will choose their own life over others and kick down anyone so they’d have a better chance of getting away.

So that’s it. A quick fangirl and review mushed into one mess. This book was an amazing sequel to AngelfallThe first book was very intense but this one just went on another level of intensity. I didn’t want to put this book down because it was action and suspense right after another.


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