End of Days (Review)

Hi guys! Today was my last school day of high school! Ah! The feels! But let me tell you what I really really had the feels for! End of Days by Susan Ee! I’m going to finally give this book a review before I finish Graceling by Kristin Cashore tonight.

Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: It’s the last book of the Penryn and the End of Days series. It, of course, picks up from the last book where Penryn and Raffe have escaped the angels. They try to find someone to fix Raffe’s wings like the doctor who transformed Paige. But the angels unleash the apocalypse (DUN DUN DUUNNN) on the humans which forces Penryn (the badass human girl) and Raffe (the cocky yet adorable angel) to choose sides. Which will they choose?

Spoilers up ahead. Just the romance-y spoilers but a spoiler is a spoiler. No major plot revealing spoilers. (But the romance is a part of the plot?) 

Rating: 5/5

This was a nice ending to the series. For me, the ending gave some nice closure and wrapped everything up pretty nicely. But the greedy side of me wishes for more (MORE) of an epilogue of life after this apocalypse with Raffe and friends and all.

I enjoyed the action and the suspense. Angels fighting angels. And then angels fighting Penryn. Then angels and Penryn fighting demons. Penryn and Raffe didn’t disappoint. Not only are they pretty much badass and uber amazing on their own, they are better together. As a couple and as a team to fight! Love them.

And little Paige. She just became official queen. She slayed. I loved how the crazy things Penryn’s mother did starting making sense in battling the demons and angels and whatnot! Like I knew it! I’ve always told my younger sibling and my younger cousins that to win a fight, you gotta be insane. Like go batshit crazy on them and scare off the person. Penryn’s mother proved my theory right…even though that was all in a fictional world but anything can happen.

Back to Raffe and Penryn. I loved their romance thing going on. They are a cute bantering/teasing couple! Bantering couples are the best couples. And how Raffe was showing his concern and love for Penryn was just adorable. He kept insisting that she find a worthy pig farmer. Then he just threw everything out the window and wanted to become that pig farmer for her. How cute!

Raffe just stole my heart though for what he did for Penryn. He tried too hard to stay away from her but love prevails all!

“If I were human, I’d plow the nicest farm for you.” He sounds completely sincere. “Better than anyone else’s. It would have golden pineapples, the juiciest grapes, and the most flavorful radishes in the entire world.” [Raffe]
I just stare at him, trying to figure out if he’s joking. I think he’s serious. “You haven’t been to a lot of farms, have you, Raffe? Most of us aren’t farmers anymore anyway.” [Penryn]

“You’re a very special girl, Penryn. An amazing girl. An I-didn’t-even-know-someone-like-you-existed kind of girl. And you deserve someone who treats you like you’re the only important thing in his life because you are. Someone who plows his fields and raises pigs just for you.” [Raffe]

“He looks down at me with sincere eyes. ‘If I were human, I would have been the first in line for you…’ He looks away. ‘But I’m not. I’m an archangel, and my people are in trouble. I have no choice but to try to set things straight. I can’t get distracted by a Daughter of Man.”

I love how we got to see more of Dee-Dum this book. They are lovely and so lively. They kind of remind me of the Hitachiin twins from Ouran High School Host Club (Recommend that anime! One of the funniest!but minus the “twin-cest” thing they have going on for their ladies. They do get into a lot of mischief though. I like how they basically were the comic relief in this book series but they had that one moment of seriousness when they were basically explaining human behavior to Penryn and how their shows just work.

All in all, this book was great. I recommend you read it and finish off the series! Let’s end this review with some lovely quotes!

“Power is best held by the ones who don’t want it.”

“Maggots are freaky hideous,’ I say, getting up.
‘You’ve fought off a gang of men twice your size, killed an angel warrior, stood up to an archangel, and wielded an angel sword.’ Raffe cocks his head. ‘But you scream like a little girl when you see a maggot?’

“How do you tell time here?’

‘It’ll get hotter,’ says Thermo. ‘We can meet when we feel like we’re baking.’

‘That’d be now,’ says Howler.

‘We’ll meet when Howler feels like he’s burning and the rest of us feel like we’re baking,’ says Raffe.”




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