Follow Me Back (Review)

This reading binge always has me lagging behind on reviews. Maybe I should just put up reviews of books that really hit me like this one. Gosh. Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger was an amazing and fun read. I stayed up until 4AM to read it because it got insane and I just couldn’t stop.

Major spoilers because I have to discuss the book! It’s just too much man. Long review ahead cause I need to get these thoughts out.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: Tessa develops agoraphobia after cutting her stay in an art program in New Orleans. She hasn’t left her house, much less her room for weeks. The only thing that seems to soothe her anxiety of being watched is teen pop sensation Eric Thorn (@EricThorn). Tessa is a big fangirl and has a twitter devoted to him (@TessaHeartsEric) and she wrote a fanfiction that started this #EricThornObsessed trend. Eric is paranoid after a murder of another celebrity by the hands of some super fan. He dislikes his fans and how they show their love for him, often freaking out from behind his phone when he sees their creepy tweets directed at him. He decides there’s only one way to make the fans stop looking at him: take himself down with a fake account (@EricThornSucks). He ends up contacting Tessa via DM and he didn’t expect to make some connection with her.

This book started off pretty much cute and sort of mundane with the introductions of the two main characters. Tessa has agoraphobia and Eric is paranoid and wants his fans to back off. I love the author’s detail where the main accounts mentioned here are real and most of the picture links work! I tried out the first link and I just died laughing. Click on these below, oh my god. I’m still laughing at how amazed I am at the author’s dedication and attention to detail.



@MrsEricThorn  <<Not sure if that’s an official account made by the author but I beleieve that’s the account that the link belonged to in the book for a picture that first picture Taylor tweeted.

Tessa has therapy sessions in her room where she discusses her anxiety and fears and her therapist gives her exercises to desensitize her to be able to go back out into the real world.

I like how the treatment of these two disorders is realistic with the mom and boyfriend not understanding and being frustrated. It was a dick move of them both to not be patient with her and try to understand but it’s realistic. This happens. I just hated how the mom especially got so frustrated with Tessa. Like your daughter comes back home from an art program early and she’s super disturbed. She doesn’t want to leave her room and she’s always so paranoid. Her behavior is completely off from what it was before. Something obviously happened for her to be like this. You can’t just be so impatient with her. She won’t talk about it for a reason.

Now Eric was kind of funny. Not the part where he’s feeling fearsome of a fan killing him. But when he’s on twitter and cringing at all the (disgusting) things the fans say to him. It could range from the usual and crazed “I LOVE YOU” to the even crazier and kind of invasive “I WANT U TO HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON WITH UR ROCK HARD-“… yea. That was from Eat Me Eric (@EricThornPorn). Stay classy, fans.

The funny part was his response that he couldn’t say to them. Like how he was like “Wtf you don’t even know me!” Not exactly in those words, but yea.

He does bring to light of how we often sexualize these dudes too much. Or just sexualize everything in general. It was scary when he mentioned seeing a photoshopped picture of him bound by duct tape and all and a bunch of fans found that hot. I thought that was just insane. (Who does that? That’s not cool.) He pointed out that if that was Ariana Grande, the cops would be called on those fans but since it was just him, nothing would happen. He felt totally scared that he’d get hurt like that. Cause he’s human too.

He also did an experiment where he had like a shirtless selfie tweeted and a link to go buy his album tweeted. And the shirtless selfie got way more retweets than his music that he worked so hard to make. He was beginning to feel like the fans were just interested in his body and watch that softcore porn of those music videos his label forces him to make instead of actually listening to his music.

His fake account under his middle name, Taylor, is to try to take himself down by posting a shirtless selfie of him kissing himself and he calls himself narcissistic. But that backfires since he didn’t trend how he wanted to. So he went right to Tessa’s account who started the #EricThornObsessed to try to troll her and make her hate him.

So then they end up talking a lot like making song lyric references and having late night talks. But I still felt like there wasn’t much of a connection or chemistry. Sure they said they love each other and they both feel followed and oppressed like a camera is constantly taking pictures of the, but I didn’t feel it. Maybe the big and frequent time skips got me?

Then comes the time to meet in person. Eric holds a twitter contest for a private concert and Tessa wins. He (as Taylor) tells her that he’ll go with her to the concert. And that’s when he plans on telling her that he’s Taylor. But the night of, he realizes that his account got hacked and someone else pretended to be him and lured her away from the concert venue.

Now Blair, the guy who lured her away, was scary creepy. I’ve watched thriller dramas that gave me the creeps and he gave me those same levels. I thought it was a girl but then it turned out to be a guy. And I was like “Oh. Well that’s still creepy.”

When Blair was first introduced, I thought she (actually turned out to be a he) was after Eric cause she wanted good shots of him at the concert or something. I started doing my thing where I joke around like when I watch Law and Order: SVU. I was thinking “It’d be funny if Blair here was actually after Tessa and not Eric.” That that’s what happened. I swear. Ask Sarah. When we watched a bunch of SVU, I always made some silly joke-prediction that was pretty wild and it turned out to be it. Wild. I was joking. Stop making stuff like that real.

I felt so bad for Tessa. He was the same stalker that came from her arts program. He found her and was so obsessive with her. He was scaring her yet he still wanted pictures of her. And then sweet Tessa found a way to trick him into untying her. But he still wielded that huge butcher knife. Like that’s not loving her, bro. I mean, stalking her and taking pictures of her while she’s freaked out and all isn’t loving her too.

But yea. That whole experience with Blair was wild and scary. It actually affected me into the morning when my sister woke up for school. She burst into my room to say bye while I was sleeping and I jerked awake and panicked. I thought a stalker dude came into my room but it was just my sister. I think I will be working off this feeling for the next few days. No worries. Been through this creepy feeling before when I watched a drama about a serial killer that carves a barcode into your wrist and kills you after you tell him your life story.


Then the very end! That couldn’t have been what happened! Like no way. I think the death was faked because he kept mentioning that the only way out of the contract was to die. And all they found was blood that happened to match. No body. They ran off to Mexico and changed their names so they could be normal people.



I have to wait until next summer for the next part! I don’t think I can wait! This was an insane ride from start to finish. Like a big crazy messed up episode of Catfish.

Have you read or watched something that totally gave you the creepy vibes and chills for days?

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