“If you really want something, baby, the stars won’t help you. You have to reach out and take it.”

Rating: 5/5 stars!!!


So I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did. It was the right amount of witty, funny, and heart-wrenching. I don’t mean that this is the typical tragic gay love story; quite the opposite. I love that the main character’s sexuality is canonically bisexual, but it is not all there is to her, and there isn’t too much focus on it – which is a good thing.

After reading The Gallery of Unfinished Girls, I was pretty stoked to read another girl love book with a bisexual character. While I liked this one slightly better just because of how emotional I became, both are amazing and I would 11/10 recommend either of them.

I was rooting for the main character so much. She didn’t annoy me, and I understood her struggles between her loyalty to her mom versus what she wanted in life. It was hard for her, and she had to grow up so much faster than she should have. I respected her for that.

The love story was cute, but not stereotypical/fan service. It was just pure falling in love and I am a closet sappy romantic when its done right in YA. I saw a bit of myself in the main character as she started falling for Eva.

Also can we just talk about how gorgeous this book is??? The stars with the cover and the heading fonts are amazing!!!

I loved the friendship/family dynamic between the MC and her best friend/his family. I was living for their banter. My own relationship with my mom has been rocky in the past – and I too lost my father when I was 6 years old, so I related to her there, too. I like the foreshadowing with the aforementioned quote; the MC finally realized that to get what she needed in life, she had to reach out and take it.

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