Gregory and the Grimbockle Review

For those concerned: I was sent a free electronic ARC of this novel from the author/publisher for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.

The lovely Melanie Schubert was kind enough to send me an eBook copy of her book, but best believe I will be buying my own official copy soon enough.

Now, this is the first young reader/ middle grade book I’ve read since probably 5th-6th grade (by this point I was also a pretentious little prick that read things like To Kill a Mockingbird and Twilight since my reading level was pretty high for my age). But this reminded me back when I used to do reading bowls, where in elementary and middle school, I would read a list of 20-something books and answer questions about them. I generally ended up loving those books anyway, and I know that this book definitely would have been one of my favorites.

Summary: Ten-year old Gregory has a mole, which appeared one day, much to the chagrin of him and everyone around him. One day, he discovers that his mole is actually home to a tiny creature called a Bockle, who works to mend the threads between people, or their exoodles. In helping the Grimbockle, Gregory learns how to better his own relationships between his friends, family, and even his cranky neighbor.

Rating: 5/5 stars

First of all, the story is sweet, cute, and has a great lesson in making sure your relationships are good. It has a very interesting concept of exoodles, which in the book are literal threads between people that show our relationships with them. I think having a tangible thing for children to relate that too is such an incredible and unique concept that I haven’t seen before.

It also made me think about my own relationships and how I can improve them.

It is so well-written, and I would highly recommend any parent to give this to their children to read, or read along with them.

Also, the font, the designs, and the illustrations are TO DIE FOR, I love them so much. There is also a soundtrack to go along to the book (which I haven’t had a chance to listen to, but I imagine its also amazing).

Buy it here:


Barnes and Noble


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