Hello! Welcome to the Bookmuda Triangle! This is a fun book blog run by three friends who all love books so it’s like a triangle because there’s three of us and three sides to a triangle. And the Bermuda Triangle is a triangle and so the Bookmuda Triangle was born.


I like books. I don’t know. There’s not much to me. I like music, I play two instruments (piano and violin), and I enjoy hiking…Oh, I’m the one who got the crazy idea to start up this fun blog!

My favorite types of books are fantasies and romance. I’ll rarely read a contemporary but I enjoy them usually when I read them because it’s different from what I usually read.

I’m pretty awkward…

I have a pretty weird and maybe bad sense of humor. I think this is it. I’ll add weird fun facts when I’m writing blog posts, nothing is coming to me at the moment. Oh! I love rambling on and on. Like what I’m doing now. I’ll stop. Hi, nice to meet you. (I never know how to end these things. Whoopsies.)


Alright motherfuckers listen up (jk) hey, I’m Sarah here to gay up the place ( not jk). Currently, I’m a reviewer for Future House Publishing, which means monthly I’ll be doing posts which include honest-to-fuck reviews about books they have sent me, and what deals you can get when they get released. My posts will probably be filled with either references or inside jokes that everyone may or may not understand. I will try and keep the spoilers to a minimum (and I will say if a post does have spoilers because I hate it when people don’t tag that shit) anyway I’m done here where’s Gwendolyn.


This is actually Madelyn but I’m going to describe Gwen in Gwen’s voice because she’s not here at the moment.

Okay, hello. I am Gwen. I read a lot. I like books. Spaghetti is good too. Cheez-It’s are life. I like gymnastics. I am mucho talentosa with my gymnastic skills. I speak a little Spanish too. (These sentences are so short, haha. I am just listing Gwen facts.) There’s nothing wrong with a little daily sarcasm.