A Court of Wings and Ruin (Review)

It’s Madelyn! I’m here and alive thankfully. God. ACOWAR almost killed me last night when I finished reading it. The last few chapters were like a succession of feels and horror and just everything someone could throw at you. This book strangely took me a little over a month to finish despite all the free […]

3 Types of Bookworms

Madelyn here! So this past weekend, me and my friends (Sarah and Gwen) decided to go to the Renaissance Festival but we tried going on a Friday because we misunderstood the website and so we were about an hour from our homeland. What do we do? Hit up a bookstore that’s like 15 minutes away […]

Graceling (Review)

Tis Madelyn. All the stuff on here is reviews! I said I would put something not-review-like last weekend but it appears that I’ve lied, haha. But here is my long overdue review of Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I read it through my last week of high school which was a week ago and I enjoyed it […]

End of Days (Review)

Hi guys! Today was my last school day of high school! Ah! The feels! But let me tell you what I really really had the feels for! End of Days by Susan Ee! I’m going to finally give this book a review before I finish Graceling by Kristin Cashore tonight. Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: It’s the last […]

Everything Everything (Review)

Long time no blog! (or post or whatever) but all three of us have been super busy with school and everything. I’ve still got reviews that gotta go up but shhhh….anyway I finally got to reading Everything Everything (super late I know) but in celebration of the movie coming out on May 19th, I think. […]

Goodbye Days (Review)

Here’s another review coming at ya! Also another amazing book, and it’s by Jeff Zentner. I haven’t read his other book yet, The Serpent King, but eventually I will. (Also this pic is my favorite post on IG) Sarah’s Sucky Summary: Carver Briggs has to deal with the aftermath of the deaths of his three […]

We Are the Ants (Review)

Hey! I know it’s been a while, allergies and school have swamped me. I read a ton this year – as my followers on Instagram already know. But guess who hasn’t posted a review since HIAYLM 😅😅😅.  Anyway, here’s a bunch of reviews coming your way to make up for it, the first being We […]