Clockwork Angel (Review)

Madelyn with another review! I bought Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare last summer and only got to reading it now because other books came out that just knocked it down the TBR list like Empire of Storms by SJM and school got in the way of my reading. But I finally got to it and […]

Follow Me Back (Review)

This reading binge always has me lagging behind on reviews. Maybe I should just put up reviews of books that really hit me like this one. Gosh. Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger was an amazing and fun read. I stayed up until 4AM to read it because it got insane and I just couldn’t […]

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (Review)

Hi! It’s Madelyn again with a review! I’m still binge reading before I have to be in college in like less than 2 weeks! So here we go! I read Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater and it was wonderful. Rating: 4/5 Stars Spoilers beware cause this is the third book and I just […]

The Gallery of Unfinished Girls (Review)

I recently attended a book launch in Atlanta for Lauren Karcz’s (pronounced “cars”) debut novel, The Gallery of Unfinished Girls. I remember speaking with her at Becky Albertalli’s launch panel, but didn’t think she would remember me. I recall feeling very frazzled the other night, particularly because my friend and I got there a bit late (we […]

A Court of Wings and Ruin (Review)

It’s Madelyn! I’m here and alive thankfully. God. ACOWAR almost killed me last night when I finished reading it. The last few chapters were like a succession of feels and horror and just everything someone could throw at you. This book strangely took me a little over a month to finish despite all the free […]

3 Types of Bookworms

Madelyn here! So this past weekend, me and my friends (Sarah and Gwen) decided to go to the Renaissance Festival but we tried going on a Friday because we misunderstood the website and so we were about an hour from our homeland. What do we do? Hit up a bookstore that’s like 15 minutes away […]